The approved list is as follows:

Driving in Malaysia:

Foreign-country licensees are allowed to drive in the country as long as the foreign domestic driver's license is valid and carry the translation of the license in:

English or Bahasa Malaysia

Car Rental Speed Limit Policy

(1) If the renter continually speeds above the set speed limit of 120KM with the rental car, we are authorized to forfeit the total security deposit amount, if necessary. Upon returning the rental car, we may request the renter to pay an additional security deposit fee through one of our payment options.

Please do not drive at high speed in a rental vehicle as it will cause you to get a speeding ticket, damage the internal component, and wear and tear on the car. Please obey the driving speed limit law set by the Malaysian Road and Transport Ministry.

Car Rental Speed Limit

Car Rental Insurance Policy

Vehicle Accident Insurance Coverage

Vehicle accident insurance coverage is only available and claimable for damages that exceed the vehicle’s excess amount.

(1) Renter’s Non-Waivable Excess Liabilities

We are authorized to charge the renter no more than the amount stated below, regardless of whether the renter is at fault. The renter will only pay for the excess amount rather than the total accident repair cost, and the excess is for the vehicle’s restoration downtime in the workshop.

Standard Excess Liability Amount:

Renters can reduce the excess by opting for extra CDW/LDW protection.

            Car Rental Insurance Add-On:

(2) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) &  Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) Excess Reduction

                + RM20-25.00 per day

                Reduced excess amount: -50%

                + RM50-55.00 per day

                Reduced excess amount: -50%

                + RM100 per day

                Reduced excess amount: -50%

What if the repair cost is lower than the renter’s excess amount? e.g., scratches, etc.

Renters will be responsible for the repair cost. Please refer to the ‘Car Rental Insurance Add-On’ section below.

Insurance Add-on Insurance Policy
Accident & Repair Policy

Accidents & Repairs Policy

Whether it is self or third-party negligence, the renter is obliged to make a police report together with all parties involved immediately after the accident. They must secure the names, identification cards/passport photos, phone numbers, registration numbers, etc., of all parties and vehicles involved in the accident.

(1) Rough Estimation of Repair Cost:

(below excess amount):

The renter is responsible for all costs of repair from any collision or damage done to the rental car stated in the contract.

 • Head light/Tail light: RM500 - RM10,000

 • Windows/Side Mirror: RM500 - RM10,000

 • Stone Chips: RM200 - RM10,000

 • Per Dent: RM250 - RM10,000

 • Per Scratch (Deep): RM250 - RM10,000

 • Per Tyre/Rim: RM200 - RM10,000

 • Seat/Dashboard/Interior: RM200 - RM10,000

 • Smoke Odour: RM200.00 PENALTY

The above cost does not include the car's downtime in the car workshop, and replacement parts must be new and original. The damage repair cost varies depending on the car type and model. (Economy - Premium - Luxury - Exotic)

Cancellation & Refund Policy

The security deposit amount varies for each car model and its rental duration.

Security Deposit Amount:

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancel on public holidays/EARLY RETURNS/LAST MINUTE:


Cancellations done 14 days before rental date shall be refunded in full total amount.

Cancellations done within 14 days rental date: 50% refundable

Deposit Refund Policy
Payment Options

Booking & Payment Policy

Full advance payment is required to lock the requested rental car and dates. We will send a payment link via WhatsApp when you confirm and agree to the vehicle, price, and terms.

Payment Options

International Customers

International customers are required to pay only by credit card.

Advance Future Booking Window

Rental Extending Policy

Renters must inform us 2 to 3 days in advance, and all payments must be settled before the commencement of the extended period.

User Car Rental Policy

NEXX’s Car Rental User Policy

Only the person stated in the contract can drive the rental car, and renters are not allowed to let anyone use the rental car without the company’s consent and authorization.


Speed Limit Policy

We do not cap our rental cars at any speed limit. But we highly appreciate drivers who follow our 'below 120KM' driving speed limit rule, and your deposits will be refunded quicker than usual too! Read more…

Mileage Policy

Car Rental Mileage Policy

3 days & above rental: Unlimited Mileage - for economy, premium & some luxury cars)

Surcharge after exceeding rental car’s mileage cap:

                RM0.20 - RM0.80 per KM

                RM1.00 - RM5.00 per KM

Travel Policy

Renters are NOT ALLOWED to take the rental car outside Malaysia, e.g., Thailand, Singapore, or locations prohibited by and without the company's consent.

Non-Eligible (STRICT):

Expired license, fake or lack of documents, suspicious behaviour, criminal records, etc.

Renter Documents

Car Rental User Requirements

Pay by Online Transfer/Debit/E-Wallet/Paypal:

Pay by Credit Card:

Credit card customers are not required to submit business cards or utility bills.

NEXX Car Rental Terms & Conditions


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